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the United States leave the Syrian territories, he added."America cannot believe that i▓t will live comfortably in any area it occupies ... Syria will not be an exception," the Syrian president noted.Regarding the Turkish-Russian agreement in Sochi▓ last month about the need for the Kurdish mil▓itia to withdraw 30 km from the Syrian-Turki▓sh border, al-Assad said this agreement must be implemented.However, he charged ▓that the presence of the Kurdish militi

a in t▓he border area was the pretext o▓f the Turkish government to launch mi▓litary offensive in northern Syria.The president noted that following the implementation of the Turkish-Russian agreement, the Turkish army must withdraw from the areas it has stormed since Oct. 9."We are cooperating with Russia in order to fully implement this agreement, after which▓ we should tell the Turks to start with▓drawing," he said.Meanwhile, al-Assad ▓said his administration has already declared its agreement to integrate the

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Kurdish fighters into the Syrian army.However, the Kurd▓ish militias are still reluctant to make such a move."The official respo▓nse we received was that they were not pr▓epared to join the Syrian army and that they insist on keeping their weapons in those areas," said al-Assad.B

President Bashar al-Ass


ut "we have to keep trying and we'll see▓ how things progress in the next few weeks,▓" he noted.When asked about the new constitutional committee that has already started its first meetings in Geneva, al-▓Assad said pointed to a misconcep

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tion about the committee that the solution to the Syrian wa▓r will come about as a result of the committee's▓ work."The war did not start because ▓of a disagreement or a division over the constitution. The war in Syria started because there were acts of terrorism that ki

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